Marquee matches: CPL Editorial on matches to watch in 2019

HALIFAX – HFX Wanderers FC added two more up-and-coming Canadian defenders on Tuesday with 20-year-olds Ndzemdzela Langwa and Chrisnovic N’sa.

“I thought Langwa would bring a very dynamic sort of element to our squad considering his athleticism and his speed,” explained Wanderers coach Stephen Hart. “When I watched N’sa he had a good sense of his positional play and he read the game quite well.”

Left fullback Langwa, from Ottawa, is coming back to kick-start his career in his home country after spells in Italy and Spain.

“I think this league can showcase our talent because so many people around the world don’t know we have it in Canada,” Langwa said. “We’re going to make Canadian history this year.”

Centreback N’sa, from Montreal, is signing his first professional contract after playing at the under-19 level with the Montreal Impact academy.